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Maggie is a black and white Shih Tzu. Follow her journal as she trials FitBark 2. The Fitbit for dogs.

FitBark 2 monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep. It’s a new way to motivate you and your dog to be active. It can explain changes in behaviour and help make better decisions with your vet about nutrition. It also gives an insight into your dogs mobility, anxiety and other health issues.

Click below for more information and purchasing your FitBark 2.

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4 thoughts on “Maggies Blog

  1. dougmc100 says:

    Setting up Maggies FitBark 2

  2. dougmc100 says:

    Setting up Maggies fitBark 2 was easy. Although we did have to power off and on the phone to get it to pair with the app. We filled in the account details and registered. We were now ready to set her goals find friends and start recording her data.

  3. dougmc100 says:

    FitBark 2 up and running. Now recording Maggies data. Time to make some friends and climb the leader board.

  4. dougmc100 says:

    new subject

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