SOL Pet Supplies Coat Care Shampoo 250ml



SOL Pet Supplies Coat Care Shampoo 250ml

Sensitive skin

Prevents dry rough itchy skin

Dermatology tested

Cruelty free


Paraben free

Coat-care animal shampoo, a thick luxurious, cherry fragranced skin and fur cleanser.

Suitable for all animals big or small, even those with sensitive skin.

Our formulation will help revitalise, lift dirt, fight germs and leave fur / coats smelling fresh and looking clean.

The added shine enhancers will leave a beautiful lustre to the coat. Our formulation is non-sticky, easy to use and rinses with no excess foam.

Biodegradable, paraben and cruelty free.


Lifts dirt and grease with ease.

Removes odours.

Nourishes the skin.

Aids dry itchy skin conditions.

Promotes shine and brightness.

Recommended dilution 1:35 general cleaning.

Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Do not ingest.

If Product comes into contact with eyes, remove contact lenses if present, and rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.

Dispose of contents/container to an appropriate local waste system.

Ensure suitable drainage available.

Store rate at above 5° C and below 40° C.

Do not mix with other products.

Contains:  Cleansing agents, detergents, 2 emollients, conditioning agents, perfume and < 1% paraben free preservative.

Made with products approved by cruelty free international.



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